Diru Creek Project

What's Happening

Diru Creek - between 72nd Avenue East and 80th Street East - has significant channel erosion. As a result, the banks collapse into the creek channel and send a lot of sediment downstream. Eventually this sediment makes its way into Clarks Creek and Puget Sound.

About the Project

This project will use a combination of engineered wood crib structures and plantings to stabilize the banks and trap excess sediment in the creek channel allowing the creek to aggrade reversing channel incision. Buttressing the sides of the creek banks with plantings means they are less likely to collapse into the channel. Installing wood crib structures in the channel will trap sediment allowing the creek to return to a more natural state. This will be especially beneficial during high flow events when a lot of water is flowing through the creek.


Funding for this project comes from Surface Water Management funds and a Department of Ecology Water Quality Grant.

Contact Us

Ingo Kuchta
Project Manager
[email protected]