Export / Import


Ninety-five percent of your potential customers live outside of the United States. Several levels of government and numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations are dedicated to help you find overseas markets and ways to get your products or services to them.

Following is a list of resources. If at any time you have questions please contact our office by calling (253) 798-6150 or email Kevin Clegg or Sara Garner

Washington State Resources

  • Washington Department of Commerce
    • Choose Washington for Business
      • Choose Washington is the Department of Commerce’s site for those interested in international trade. Here you can find a basic guide to exporting, contact a foreign trade representative and learn how to mitigate payment risk with foreign buyers. You can also learn about the Export Voucher Program, also known as State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP), a cooperative effort with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to help firms offset the cost of attending oversea trade shows and missions.
      • Export Voucher Program Guidelines

Federal Resources

Other Resources

  • World Trade Center Tacoma is a membership based organization connected to World Trade Centers around the globe with knowledgeable staff able to assist you with your exporting needs.
  • Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle focuses on the greater Puget Sound region in furthering international trade opportunities for U.S. businesses and hosting visiting foreign delegations.


  • World Trade Center Tacoma provides a comprehensive guide on how to prepare to import products into the United State and what legalities are involved.
  • Other Resources
    • Importing can seem complicated, and the procedures to follow vary greatly from one product to another. Before you start importing anything, be sure you understand the rules and regulations and how they impact your business. Contact our office with any questions at (253) 798-6150.