The Auditor’s Office has been accepting documents for eRecording since November of 2008. We record on an average over 80% of our documents electronically from commercial submitters.

Submitting documents electronically allows you to record your documents more quickly than mailing documents to the Auditor’s Office and recording numbers are available almost instantly after they are recorded.

Rejected documents are returned to the customer immediately after being reviewed and the submitter has the opportunity to resubmit the documents after making the correction.

What types of documents can be electronically recorded?
Almost all types of documents can be recorded electronically. Exceptions are map documents such as surveys, plats or short plats etc.

How do I pay for eRecorded documents?
Contracted vendors handle payments for recording fees and Real Estate Excise Tax.

Which vendors have eRecording contracts with the Auditor’s office?

CSC Erecording Solutions
Phone: 866-652-0111
eRecording Partners Network
Phone: 888-325-3365
logo (1)
Phone: 800-460-5657