Records Available Online

Many public records are available on the County's website. Below is a list of records or information and where to find it. The list also includes frequently accessed records from other local agencies.

Records or Information Agency
Accident Reports South Sound 911
About My Property Planning & Public Works
Animal Control Sheriff
Budget Documents Finance
Bids, Proposals, Qualifications, Solicitations Procurement & Contract Services
Bidder Registration Procurement & Contract Services
Birth or Death Certificates Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department
Building Applications/Permits Planning & Public Works
Certificate of Occupancy Planning & Public Works
Code Enforcement - Building, Shoreline, and Land Use
     Click on Case Search
Planning & Public Works
Code Enforcement - Report a Violation Planning & Public Works
Code Enforcement - Search for an Existing Violation Planning & Public Works
County Code & Charter County Council
Court Records Courts
Criminal History Reports Washington State Patrol
Deeds Auditor
Delinquent Taxes - Property Foreclosure Assessor-Treasurer
Divorce Decrees (1991 to present) Superior Court Cases
Divorce Decrees (prior to 1991) Clerk of the Superior Court
Due Diligence/Environmental Planning & Public Works
Easements, Foreclosure, Mortgage Search Auditor
Environmental Site Assessments Planning & Public Works
Environmental Spills Washington State Department of Ecology
Fire Code Violation Information Emergency Management  
Jail Roster Corrections Bureau (Jail)
Jail Records, including Booking Photos Corrections Bureau (Jail)
Job Pay Rates & Descriptions Human Resources
Labor Agreements Human Resources
Liens, Judgements (Index) Auditor
Neighborhood Crime Data Sheriff
Marriage Certificate Auditor
Military Discharge Papers (DD214's) Auditor
Ordinances & Resolutions (Legislation) County Council
Parcel and Property Information Planning & Public Works
Pay Rates Human Resources
Permit/Application Search Planning & Public Works
Permitting Planning & Public Works
Police or Sheriff Report South Sound 911
Property Information (Research Tools) Planning & Public Works
Property Value & Sales Information Assessor-Treasurer
Recorded Documents Auditor
Resolutions & Ordinances (Legislation) County Council
Right of Way Plans for Current Road Projects Planning & Public Works
Septic System Records/As-Builts Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department
Sewer - Mainline As-Builts on Public GIS
     Click on Utilities >Sewer Layers Parcel
Planning & Public Works
Superior Court Cases Clerk of the Superior Court
Superior Court Case Calendars Clerk of the Superior Court
Tax Title Property Assessor-Treasurer
UCC Documents (Fixture Filing) Auditor
Unclaimed Property - State Department of Revenue
Unclaimed Property & Stale Dated Warrants Finance
Vital Records Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department
Water Purveyor
     Click on Utilities > Water Purveyor > Parcel
Planning & Public Works
Zoning Answers Planning & Public Works
Zoning Ordinance County Council