Expand My Business

Expanding Your Business in Pierce County?

We help you through the process.

Facility Expansion

When the opportunity arises to expand at your present location, we can help. Understanding the zoning designation, requirements and permits necessary to allow your expansion are important first steps our office can help you determine. We can even set up the initial meetings to begin the permit process. For expansion assistance, contact Kevin Clegg at (253) 798-6639.

Siting a manufacturing facility? Visit the Manufacturing Regulatory Roadmap to learn more about the site review process in Pierce County.

Site Selection

Pierce County offers excellent options for affordable industrial and commercial properties.

Visit InvestPierceCounty.com 

Access a comprehensive search tool to find available commercial and industrial sites and buildings in Pierce County, along with demographics and analytics to inform your site selection process.

Contact the following organizations to assist you in your search:
Note: When you have located suitable properties to consider, contact Kevin Clegg (253)798-6639 to confirm that your use is allowed.

Permit Assistance

Connecting business to the right people at the right time can save your company money. The Economic Development Department encourages businesses to contact us before moving forward with an expansion or relocation project. For permit assistance, call Kevin Clegg at (253) 798-6639.

Most commercial / industrial related permits are issued by Planning and Public Works. Personal consultation is available at the Development Center at (253) 798-3739.

Financial Assistance

Our staff is ready to help you find the appropriate financing for your expansion or relocation. To review terms and conditions, download our brochure or call us at (253) 798-6150.

Employee Training & Recruiting

Local and state resources may be available to employers adding staff or seeking to upgrade the skills of existing employees.

Additional Resources

More guidance is readily available for companies looking to grow their operations in Pierce County: