WA-TF1 Team Composition

Team Photo

There are 28 Task Forces in the United States, each sponsored by a local agency. In the event of a disaster in the United States, the nearest three Task Forces will be activated and sent to the site of the disaster. If the situation is large enough, additional teams will be activated.

Each Task Force is capable of deploying as a Type I with 70 personnel or a Type III with 28 personnel. This deployment configuration is increased if the Task Force mobilizes for a ground transport.

Each task force member is a specialist in one of five areas:

  • Search - locating victims of a disaster
  • Rescue - extricating a victim from the location where they are trapped, usually involving removing debris from around the victim
  • Technical - structural specialists who provide engineering support for the rescuers, plans and tech info specialists who provide Command, Control and Computer Support.
  • Medical - providing medical treatment for the team, canines and victims before, during and after rescue
  • Logistics - providing supply and essential items as well as communications and mobility

The search and rescue personnel are organized into four Rescue Squads, each composed of an Officer and five Rescue Specialists, and are capable of working 12-hour alternating shifts. The medical personnel include two task force physicians and four Medical Specialists.