Cross Park Construction

Project Update

Pierce County Parks has completed the development of the northern 4-acres of the 64-acre Stan and Joan Cross site, or Phase 1 of the parks’ master plan. Stan and Joan Cross Park is the first and only public park serving the rapidly expanding community in Frederickson, Washington. The newly-constructed park features offer environmentally friendly, much-needed outdoor and indoor recreation spaces including:

  • community green space
  • universally accessible playground
  • historic barns refurbished into a community center
  • indoor and outdoor event spaces
  • picnic areas.

A unique aspect of this project is the inclusion of two historic dairy barns which were restored and improved using sustainable building strategies. Retaining most of their historic materials and assemblages, these buildings serve to educate about local history and current sustainable building practices such as:

  • salvage and reuse of materials from the barns and outbuildings such as the milking stanchions repurposed in the barns’ entry design
  • interior wall panels made from reconstituted straw, the waste product of grain production and a renewable resource 
  • water and energy efficiency systems
  • low-VOC finishes which improve indoor air quality

Cross Park’s design incorporates pathways and accessible picnicking opportunities near wetlands and forested areas adjacent to the newly improved Naches Trail Preserve prairie habitat, giving residents an opportunity to connect with nature. The park also includes plans for the important on-going restoration of the headwaters of Clover Creek and the adjacent priority habitat of prairie grassland, white oak savannah, and wetland. These efforts will help preserve the open space around Cross Park, allowing for wildlife viewing and the mental health benefits nature provides, in an otherwise suburban environment.  

Construction began in June 2019 and was completed in September of 2020. Because of COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, a virtual open house has been prepared to introduce the community to the new parks’ features. To view the virtual open house, please visit the Cross Park web page.

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About the Project

Pierce County Parks owns 64 acres in the Frederickson area known as the Stan and Joan Cross Park.  This property, purchased in 2003, lies in the heart of the County’s urban growth area. The County has conducted extensive planning, design and engineering to create a vision for the park that meets the needs of a diverse and growing community. Pierce County Parks is currently developing the northern 4-acres of the site, or Phase 1 of the Master Plan.

Phase 1 development includes: a community center, parking areas, a play area, restrooms, open space, and trails.  

Construction began June 10, 2019 and will be completed in the summer of 2020.

Funding Partners

This project is funded by grants from the Washington Department of Commerce, Pierce County Impact Fees and Sales Tax, donations from the Friends of Stan & Joan Cross Park, and the community of Frederickson.

Project Contact

For questions about this project, please contact: 

Kimberly Freeman
Superintendent of Resource Stewardship
(253) 798-4009 | email

For Rental Information, please contact:

Kerry Jack

Recreation Supervisor

(253) 798-4074  |  email