Environmental Review

Community Plan Updates Environmental Review

Pierce County has issued a non-project Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Community Plan Updates proposal. 

Comments received and copies of the DEIS and FEIS may be found through Pierce County Online Permits under the Documents tab.

This FEIS and DEIS provide non-project-level environmental review of probable impacts and mitigation measures for the Community Plan Updates proposal and three other alternatives. Elements of the environment addressed in the DEIS and FEIS include land use, plans and policies, traffic and transportation, air quality, surface water, groundwater, flood areas, wetlands and shorelines, public services and utilities, environmental health, housing, and climate change.

On June 2, 2021, Pierce County issued Addendum 1 to the FEIS related to the Community Plan Updates appeal settlement agreement and Ordinance 2021-49. See Growth Management Hearings Board Case No. 21-3-0001 for more information. 

Housing Market Study

After the DEIS was issued, Pierce County commissioned an independent Housing Market Study to determine whether forecasts of future residential development resulting from the Community Plan Updates proposal (Alternative 1 - Proposed Action) were accurate. The study’s findings are generally consistent with the residential growth forecasts presented in the DEIS.

Appeal of the Environmental Impact Statement

The appeal period for the FEIS has concluded.