Right of Way

Pierce County is growing, and the number of vehicles using our roads is keeping pace.

 We complete road projects to ease congestion, bring roads up to current standards, and more.
 View projects currently in the 
engineering phase and the construction phase.

 Some road projects require Pierce County to purchase land from people who live along an existing or proposed road.

 Our Right-of-Way team is responsible for acquiring properties and property rights necessary for these projects. The team works closely with property owners throughout the process.

Future projects

County road projects that will be pursued in the next six years are identified in the Transportation Improvement Program.

 We develop a right-of-way plan for each project, which identifies whether any nearby property is needed. Property owners will receive a letter if their property is included in the plan. We will send additional letters with timelines and next steps – such as valuations, planned appraisals and surveyor visits – as they are identified.

Acquisition process

Once right-of-way plans are finalized, our Right-of-Way Agents work with property owners throughout the acquisition process. This includes a valuation process, the presentation of an offer, and the negotiation process.