121st Street South (C St S to SR7) (CRP 5878)

What’s happening

Bike lanes and sidewalks were added to 121st Street South from C Street South to State Route 7 during a project that started

July 13, 2020. 

A significant portion of the work was completed in October 2020. Remaining work resumed Jan. 11, 2021 and the majority of the work was completed Feb. 10, 2021. Vegetation maintenance by the contractor will continue through October 2021.

The project area is located near Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland. 

Image of the project vicinity map.
Image of the project.

About the Project

The road shoulders were widened to accommodate paved bike lanes, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and landscaping.

A marked crosswalk with a pedestrian-activated flashing beacon was added approximately 50 feet west of the Pierce Transit transfer station. 

Street lights were also added, along with an enclosed storm drainage system and stormwater treatment facilities.

Image of the project roadway section.
Image of project Right-of-Way Plans cover sheet.

Construction Schedule

Crews removed vegetation and debris from the project area July 13, 2020.

From mid-July to mid-August 2020, crews installed the enclosed storm drainage system. Crews installed the curbs, gutters, and sidewalks from mid-August to mid-September 2020. 

Crews paved the roadway the week of Sept. 28, 2020. Through mid-October 2020, crews cleaned up the site, added landscaping, and striped the road and bike lanes. 

The street lights, the flashing beacon and crosswalk were installed between Jan. 11 and Feb. 10, 2020. 

The project’s contractor is Axum General Construction Inc. The construction cost is approximately $821,000. This project is funded with federal Surface Transportation Program (Urban) funds and County Road Funds.

Project Timeline

May 15, 2020: Bid Opening date

June 2, 2020: Pierce County awarded the contract to Axum General Construction Inc.

June 4, 2020: Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

July 13, 2020:  Notice to Proceed

Feb. 10, 2021: Substantial Completion

October 2021: Planting establishment period complete

October 22, 2021:  Physical Completion

Contract Information

Plans, specifications, and bid tabulations for this project are available through the Pierce County Procurement and Contract Services website. Access is provided by going to http://www.piercecountywa.gov/CurrentSolicitations.

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