Pet Friendly Sites

image of walking dog


Several of our sites are great to walk with your pet. While at our sites, please be responsible and courteous. Be sure to clean up after your dog and observe leash laws and other park rules. Enjoy your walk.

Rules & Courtesy

Please be respectful of other park patrons and wildlife. Dogs in public places are like kids, not everyone wants them around and even those who like them may be somewhat annoyed by disruptive behavior.  People watching wildlife will not be too happy if your barking dog scares the critters away and someone floating on a lake might not want to be joined by your wet, hairy friend. 

Remember to carry plenty of water for everyone (not all sources of water are safe for your dog to drink) and snacks for your dog if you will be hiking or otherwise active. 

Follow the Rules:

  • When walking, stay on trails
  • Dogs must be on a leash up to 8 feet and under control at all times unless in designated off-leash areas. On trails or narrow paths, leashes should be shorter to ensure control of your dog when you encounter bikes, strollers, skateboards, or other wheeled devices, which may cause your dog distress or confusion.
  • The most important rule is to scoop the poop.  Dog doo is not a natural part of the environment. It can contain harmful viruses and bacteria, which are carried by rain into streams and rivers. No one likes to step in it and no one likes to look at it, either. Please carry plastic bags.
  • Read additional park rules

Sites with Amenities

The following sites have scooper bag stations:

Additional Dog Walking Sites:

The following park sites are also wonderful to walk your dog but do not provide amenities such as water and poop bag stations. Please carry plastic bags to scoop the poop - this is a great way to reuse the ones that hold your newspaper or sub sandwich. 

  • Orangegate Park
  • Bresemann Forest