GIS Application Options

Spatial Services provides several levels of GIS access for the Pierce County business community: 

  • Free options exist like the GIS Data Portal and PublicGIS where you can download data for use in your own in-house applications, or view publicly-provided datasets in a simple user interface.  
  • CountyViewWeb (CVWeb) is available for businesses who need data access in a user-friendly application that includes slightly more advanced functionality along with custom print templates for your business.
  • CountyViewPro (CVPro) is for advanced users who have a GIS certificate or are willing to complete several days of advanced training, and need the full functionality of a mature GIS application.  

The table below describes the functionality available in each option to help you determine which might best serve your needs.   

CVWeb and CVPro both require an annual license fee per person.  If you are interested in more information, use the Contact Us link below.

PRICE Free Free $1,300/person/year $3,400/person/year
Data Viewing      
Instant locates (parcel, address, coords, keywords)    
Hyperlink data to websites/photos/drawings    
Identify feature for details    
Metadata Viewer  
✔   ✔
Filter Data

Data export/Download   limited limited
API available      
View Attribute Table    
Chart Data    
Lat/Long and other coordinate reporting   ✔   ✔
Measure tools   ✔   ✔
Simple printing from predefined template   ✔   ✔
Instant access to other applications at locale      ✔
Reverse geocode      ✔
Get route/milepost      ✔
Data menu   limited  ✔
Buffer      ✔
GPS data mapping      ✔
Multiple layer selection      ✔
Owner notify (mailing labels)      ✔
Simple data creation (shapefiles)      ✔
Simple data editing (shapefiles)      ✔
Store agency data in data menu system      ✔
Simple assisted user query      ✔
Advanced user-defined query      ✔
Spatial selection      ✔
Individual address geocoding      ✔
Advanced data creation/editing      
Advanced custom layout/template design      
Address file geocoding      
Data reprojection      
Data conversion      
Advanced data geoprocessing      
Geodatabase support      
Advanced table editing      
Table joins/relates      
Advanced spatial analysis      
Network Analysis      
3D Analysis      

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