Family Law Forms & Instructions

Forms Specific to Cases Filed in Pierce County


  • Parties Contact Information for GAL - Contact Information Sheet to complete when GAL is authorized. Information will be forwarded by the Court to the appointed GAL to help the process continue in a timely manner.
  • Addendum to Order Appointing 26.09 GAL - The State pattern forms do not include language for retainer disbursal and can create confusion with Pierce County's regular practices regarding a 26.09 GAL. This addendum includes the retainer disbursal language and other paragraphs addressing Pierce County Policy. It should be entered whenever a GAL is appointed for a 26.09 parenting investigation.
Instructions to Help with Family Law Cases Filed in Pierce County
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  • Family law help 
    Over 15 different slide shows walk you through the filing of different documents in family law matters. This is provided by Tacoma-Pierce County Coordinated Family Law Project.
  • Neighborhood legal and family law clinics 
    Local listing of available clinics. Provided by Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association Volunteer Legal Services