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Forms Specific to Cases Filed in Pierce County


  • Parties Contact Information for GAL - Contact Information Sheet to complete when GAL is authorized. Information will be forwarded by the Court to the appointed GAL to help the process continue in a timely manner.
  • Addendum to Order Appointing 26.09 GAL - The State pattern forms do not include language for retainer disbursal and can create confusion with Pierce County's regular practices regarding a 26.09 GAL. This addendum includes the retainer disbursal language and other paragraphs addressing Pierce County Policy. It should be entered whenever a GAL is appointed for a 26.09 parenting investigation.
Instructions to Help with Family Law Cases Filed in Pierce County
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Tacomaprobono Community Lawyers maintains a small library of instructions and advice, specific to Pierce County Family Court. These materials can help you understand how to best participate in your case without an attorney. Information is being updated and added throughout 2023.