Livestock and Poultry Services Supplier Roster

Roster Requirements/Criteria

This Purchase Order covers board, medical, transport, and adoption services for poultry and livestock such as equine, ruminants (goat, pig, sheep, cow, llama, alpaca), and other large animals such as camel, bison, emu, rhea, ostrich.

The responsibility for Animal Control in Pierce County resides with the Pierce County Auditor’s Office. The Supplier may be selected by the County as one of a pool of providers for one or all of these services. The County will determine when Supplier services are needed, for how long the services are needed, and at what level, and will contact the Supplier accordingly. There is no guarantee for usage of the Supplier by the County. Supplier has the right to decline the provision of services. Animals will remain under Pierce County’s jurisdictional authority, including all chain of custody related evidence, but may be boarded out of Pierce County.

A Supplier Roster for these services will be maintained by Pierce County Animal Services. Existing Suppliers contracts will be placed on the Roster. New potential Suppliers may apply at any time.

Suppliers must:

  • Pass initial Assessment (see sample Assessment Form) by Pierce County Animal Control staff. Ongoing assessments may be performed as needed
  • Be pre-approved through the assessment process by the County as a Supplier for services
  • Accommodate flexible hours for unanticipated activity including animal transport and intake, and authorized site visits at mutually agreed upon times
  • If providing medical services - be a licensed animal hospital, and meet the necessary criteria for such licensing

Interested Suppliers should complete an Application Form and email it to Pierce County Animal Control @ PCANIMALCONTROL along with a Fee Sheet, including rescue discount pricing. An assessment will be scheduled. Qualifying Suppliers must provide proof of insurance prior to initial services. Qualifying Suppliers will need to sign a contract along with an e-Verify Certification Form if services are expected to be greater than $25,000 in a fiscal year.

Disclaimer: Becoming a Pierce County Supplier does not guarantee usage of services.

Animal_FormRanch/Farm Boarding Application

Apply to become a Livestock and Poultry Services Supplier using the application form. 

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