Region 5 Strategic Objectives

Improve Internal and External Communication
  • Homeland Security Region 5 communities have access to RCC information
  • RCC members understand their role and responsibilities
  • RCC members and the disciplines they represent have access to Council informaiton
  • RCC members report-out by discipline
  • RCC members will brief-back to the discipline they represent
Reduce Homeland Security Region 5 Gaps
  • The definition of 'Gap' is established
  • All gaps across Homeland Security Region 5 are identified
  • A strategy to reduce all gaps is developed
Build Partnerships Across Homeland Security Region 5
  • Engagement with private, public, non-profit voices to improve understanding and promote involvement in the RCC
  • Those groups then reach out to their partners and stakeholders to share needs and opportunities presented by the RCC
  • More involvement by disciplines/sectors/organizations in Essential Support Functions (ESF)
    • Understanding ESF inter-dependencies (and independency) during an incident