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Pierce County Code Title 17C.60

How to Search for Fire Code Violations

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  1. Go to the Online Permit Search page
  2. Agree to the terms of use by clicking YES
  3. Enter one of three things:
    • The parcel number for the property you would like to research in the "Tax Parcel #" field
    • The site address for the property you would like to research "Site Address" field
    • The Fire Inspection permit number(s) for the property / occupancy you would like to research
  4. Click "Search"
  5. Unless you know the Fire Inspection permit number specific to this property / occupancy, all permit history associated with the parcel will automatically populate. The permit type you will want to research is "Fire Inspection". Double clicking on any Fire Inspection permit number will populate the full history of each individual permit.
  6. All fire code violations entered by a Fire Inspector, past or present, can be found under the "Completed Insp" tab that can be found in the Menu.
  7. Note: To search for current fire code violations please click on "Inspection Date". This will sort all inspection entries by date for easier navigation.


Contact our main office at 253-798-7179 and select option 1 for further assistance.