High Friction Surface Treatment (CRP 5879)

What Happened

Crews installed a surface treatment at six roadway locations.

Crews also installed centerline rumble strips at the 122nd Street East/Military Road East, East Bay Drive Northwest, and Military Road East locations. These strips alert a motorist that they have started to cross the centerline.

The treatment – called a high friction surface treatment – was applied at the following locations:
Group 1 122nd Street East/Military Road East - 2 curves near bottom of hill (Centerline Rumble Strip included)
Group 2 McCutcheon Road East - curve south of 108th Street East
Group 3 Orting-Kapowsin Highway East - curve north of 210th Street East
Group 4 East Bay Drive Northwest - 21st Street Northwest to Wollochet Drive Northwest (Centerline Rumble Strip included)
Group 5 Military Road East - Vicinity of 38th Avenue East (Centerline Rumble Strip included) Expect delays week of 9/3/19
Group 6 Orville Road East - curve west of 168th Avenue Court East

About the treatment

The six locations were selected to receive the high friction surface treatment based on various factors including curve alignment, travel speed, and the rate of documented crashes. 

The treatment’s combination of highly-durable aggregate materials and high-strength epoxy resin increases the skid resistance of the roadway surface and helps motorists maintain better control when negotiating curves in both wet and dry conditions. 

The treatment has been shown nationally to be effective at increasing safety and reducing accidents on roadway curves with a history of crashes where motorists drive off the road.

 In 2017, the treatment was used for the first time in unincorporated Pierce County at five locations. 

Pierce County received a $763,000 federal Safety Program grant for this work. MJ Hughes Construction is the contractor.

More information about high friction surface treatments is available at www.safety.fhwa.dot.gov/roadway_dept/pavement_friction/high_friction.   

Project Timeline

January 11, 2019: Bid Opening 

February 7, 2019: Pierce County awarded the contract to MJ Hughes Construction

July 3, 2019: Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

August 5, 2019:  Notice to Proceed

September 2019: Physical Completion

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