Firearms Advisory Commission
Firearms Commission
The Firearms Advisory Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the County Council and executive on firearms prohibitions, restrictions and other recommendations relating to firearms. The commission reviews all existing and proposed areas within the county where the discharge of firearms is or would be prohibited or restricted. 

The commission is charged with recommending if such restrictions are reasonably necessary and in compliance with state law, including, but not limited to, RCW 9.41.300(2). 

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Is My Property Located in a Sheriff Restriction Area?
Interactive Mapping: to check if you are within a restriction area please click the "Public Safety" Folder and check "Sheriff Restrictions" or contact Chad Williams at 253-798-3683 or [email protected]

Recent News
County Council adopted Ordinance 2015-45 (effective October 17, 2015) by a vote of 6-1 to lift the Firearms Restriction on approximately 600 acres in the Graham/Kapowsin area. If you have any questions, please contact Chad Williams 253-798-3683 or [email protected] 


Recognizing there were no specific requirements in the County Code describing how prohibited or restricted shooting zones should be initiated and reviewed, the Pierce County Council amended the Pierce County Code to establish clear criteria for the establishment of a restricted areas in Pierce County and created the Firearms Advisory Commission through the adoption of Ordinance 2004-72s on December 7, 2004. 
How are Firearm Restricted Areas Created? 
Citizens petitioning the council for the creation, dissolution or amendment of an area where the discharge of firearms shall be prohibited or restricted shall follow the process set forth in this section. Using a form provided by the council office, the petitioners shall submit to the council the following: 
  • A legal description or map of the proposed boundaries of the area proposed for firearms prohibition or restriction. The map should be on an 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper. The map shall not overlap existing prohibited or restricted zones and should place the proposed boundary lines along established features (i.e., roadways, rivers, freeways, etc.).
  • A cover letter explaining the reasons petitioners would like the prohibited or restricted shooting zone to be formed or dissolved, along with a history of violations in the area, and including a name, address and phone number of the person who will act as a liaison with the county concerning this proposed firearms prohibition or restriction area.
    • Note that RCW 9.41.300(2) limits county discharge restrictions to areas where there is a reasonable likelihood that humans, animals or property will be jeopardized. Other nonauthorized reasons will not be accepted as justification for the proposal of a restricted area.
  • Signatures of at least 60 percent of registered voters owning property within the proposed area. The county auditor or designee will verify the petition's signatures.
  • The petition must contain the following:
    • "I am a legally registered voter of the State of Washington in the precinct written after my name below. The portion of such precinct within which I own property is included within the proposed prohibited or restricted shooting area."
    • "My residence address is correctly stated below:"
    • "I have personally signed this petition."

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