South Hill Advisory Commission

The South Hill Advisory Commission serves in an advisory capacity on land use matters to the Executive, County Council, Hearing Examiner, Planning Commission, and Planning and Public Works Department, per Pierce County Code (PCC) 2.45.  Meetings are held within the community and facilitate a structured two-way communication process between the County and community residents, property owners, and business owners regarding significant land use issues.  The Commission reviews applications for proposed developments within their community for which a public hearing is required and makes recommendations regarding updates to their community plan.


The South Hill Advisory Commission (SHAC) typically meets at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of every month (case dependent). The meetings are held at various locations throughout the community, unless otherwise noted.

Agendas & Documents
  1. Upcoming Meeting Material
  2. 2023 Meeting Material
  3. 2022 Meeting Material
  4. Archive Meeting Material
Current Members
Member District Term Expiration Term
Dan DeYoung, Chair District 2 04/01/2025 1 of 2
Zach Shoemaker, Vice Chair District 2 09/09/2026 1 of 2
Laura Hodgson, Secretary District 2 12/31/2023 1 of 2
Eric Ott District 2 05/15/2026 1 of 2
Jacob Ray District 2 09/09/2026 1 of 2
Bill Riley District 2 12/11/2026 1 of 2
Beki Shoemaker District 2 10/15/2025 1 of 2
Wendy Wright District 2 09/09/2026 1 of 2


Contact Us
For questions, please contact Long Range Planning by email or by phone 253-798-3736.

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