U Visa & T Visa Applications

The federal government has created two visa programs where victims of human trafficking (T Visa) or victims of certain other types of crimes (U Visa) may qualify if they have been helpful in the investigation or prosecution of crime.  For T Visas applicants must complete Form I-918 and Form I-918 Supplement A; U Visas applicants must complete Form I-918 and Form I-918 Supplement B. Instructions for completing the applications are available online from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  

The application for certification may be submitted by the victim or by an immigration attorney on the victim’s behalf.

  • If criminal charges were filed, the U Visa request needs to be submitted to the prosecuting attorney’s office or municipal attorney’s office which filed the criminal charges. Information on how to submit a U Visa request to the criminal division of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office is available on the their website.
  • If criminal charges were not filed, please submit your U Visa request to the investigating law enforcement agency.

Please be advised that our department will review all U Visa and T Visa applications to determine if the applicant meets the federal and state minimum statutory criteria that requires the applicant to be a victim of a qualifying crime and to be helpful and cooperative with the investigation and prosecution of the crime.

In order to complete Form I-918, an applicant will need the following agency information:

  • Name of Certifying Agency:         Pierce County Sheriff's Department
  • Last Name of Certifying Official:         Bomkamp
  • First Name of Certifying Official:         Brent
  • Title of Certifying Official:         Undersheriff
  • Last Name of Head of Certifying Agency:         Troyer 
  • First Name of Head of Certifying Agency:         Ed
  • Title of Head of Certifying Agency:         Sheriff
  • Agency Street Number and Name:         930 Tacoma Ave. S.
  • City:         Tacoma
  • State:         WA
  • Zip Code:         98402
  • Country:         United States

For U Visa and T Visa applications to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, please mail a paper copy of the completed forms along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Cort O’Connor

955 Tacoma Ave South, Suite 301

Tacoma WA 98402-2160

(253) 798-6201

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department will no longer accept U Visa or T Visa applications by email. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney O’Connor will gather application materials for the Sheriff’s Department and the forms will be reviewed by the Undersheriff once a month.   Applicants will be notified of his decision in writing following the review.

For more information on the Safety & Access for Immigrant Victims Act, please visit the Washington State Department of Commerce.

Las instrucciones para el proceso de solicitud de U Visa y T Visa están disponibles en español.