DART Program Criteria

DART Eligibility

  • Program participants are cases that are originally Superior Court felony possession of a controlled substance charge that are modified and refiled in Pierce County District Court as misdemeanors under the premise that participants must complete the DART Program. At the end of the successful completion of the program the charges are dismissed. Factors that influence if someone is eligible for DART include:

    • No offense that is banned by a Washington State RCW

    • Limited criminal history

    • Amenability to treatment


  • Attend scheduled court reviews

    • Appear at all court hearings

    • Be honest

  • Attend probation appointments and comply with the terms of supervision

  • Complete a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all recommendations made by your selected treatment provider Examples of treatment may include but are not limited to:

    • Inpatient treatment

    • Outpatient treatment

    • Sober support meetings

    • MAT programs

  • Participate in prosocial activities including but not limited to employment, community service or community events

If the DART program sounds like a program that you or a family member may want to participate in, contact your attorney and inform them of your interest.