Food Services for Pierce County Jail and Juvenile Court

RFP No. 2120

Pre-Proposal Walk Through: December 19, 2018

Walk through of Main Jail begins at 9:00 AM (2 Kitchen Tours)

Walk through of Remann Hall begins at 11:45 AM 

Please see additional details on walk-through document

Questions Due Date: December 26, 2018- 4:00 PM

Proposals Due:  February 1, 2019 4:00 PM


For questions and requests to be placed on the Holder's List for this procurement, email Leeann Snyder, [email protected]


Pierce County seeks a full-service food program for both the PC Jail and Remann Hall. The PC Jail serves meals to incarcerated adults and Corrections Deputies. Remann Hall serves meals to detained youth, juvenile detention staff, students attending the Day Reporting School, youth enrolled in the weekend alternative detention programs.

Both facilities have fully equipped and fully functional kitchens and the successful vendor will provide proposals for the following scenario:

Provision of food service to both facilities using contract staff only with food prepared in each facility to feed their perspective populations. This requires the contractor to staff two food operations; one in the PC Jail and the other in Remann Hall...


Solicitation issued December 5, 2018.

Request for Proposal
Addendum No. 1 - Due Date Revision
Walk Through Instructions & Address
Addendum No. 2 - Due date extension
Addendum No. 3 - Q & A, Clarifications
Addendum No. 3 - Attachment A meal counts
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