10th St NW boat ramp

10th Street Northwest Boat Ramp
The 10th Street Northwest boat ramp in the Point Fosdick area is open for limited use due to traction issues. 

Traction issues

Due to tidal action and beach behavior, sand generally covers the surface of the ramp. This creates traction issues for some vehicles.

Those who use the ramp do so at their own risk.

Maintenance restrictions

Pierce County is unable to maintain this boat ramp past the high-water mark due to permitting constraints.  

Maintaining this ramp below the high-water mark had become increasingly difficult due to the chronic nature of sand deposits and the potential impacts to habitats. Sand removal from the ramp surface is not allowed. 

Other Pierce County-maintained boat ramps are covered by five-year maintenance permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. View other Pierce County boat ramps.

Replacement options

Options to replace this ramp with an elevated structure that is not impacted by the sand are cost-prohibitive. 

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