Online Open House for Community Plan Updates

Banner images of Community Plan update areas
Thank you for visiting our online open house for Community Plan updates

We are updating the Community Plans for:
  • Frederickson
  • Mid-County
  • Parkland-Spanaway-Midland
  • South Hill
Pierce County and the Land Use Advisory Commission for each plan area have developed proposed updates for each Plan regarding zoning, transportation, development regulations and more!

Your opinion matters
This online open house will provide you with information about the updates. Use the buttons at the bottom of each page to go through the information. We’ve included a short survey at the end to gather your feedback. You will have several opportunities over the next year to voice your opinion to the decision makers that will consider these updates. More information about these opportunities is provided later in the online open house.

Thank you
Your involvement in these community plan updates is crucial to ensure the final Plan reflects the character, vision and goals of each community. Thank you for taking the time to review this online open house. We hope to see your continued involvement throughout the process.