Total Classification & Compensation Study

Our Goal 

Our goal is to implement a compensation and classification program that will enhance employee engagement and satisfaction to attract and retain a diverse and highly qualified workforce. 

It is a best practice for organizations to routinely conduct these studies to ensure that pay practices and strategies remain competitive, sustainable and equitable.  

2022 Update

The final 2022 Segal Market Report can be located  here.

2021 Update

The original 2019 Classification & Compensation Study recommendations continue to be reviewed and implemented. The updated report uses the same methodology as outlined in the Executive Summary of the original 2019 report. 

VIEW THE 2021 Update Here

More information on the 2019 study can be found on the 2019 Study page.

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  1. Total Compensation
    Compensation Philosophy
    Essential Functions
    Job Title
    Job Description
    Classification Structure
    Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)
    Market Pricing
    Salary Grade
    Salary Range
    Salary Survey
    FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)