Total Classification & Compensation Study

Total Classification and Compensation Report Presentation - August 6-7, 2019

Study Overview 

The County’s current compensation program and classification system has not been evaluated since 2002. It is a best practice for organizations to routinely conduct these studies to ensure that pay practices and strategies remain competitive, sustainable and equitable.  

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Our Goal 
Our goal is to implement a compensation and classification program that will enhance employee engagement and satisfaction to attract and retain a diverse and highly qualified workforce. 

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Important Dates

November 21
Complete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) by Wednesday,
 Nov. 21st
November 30
Supervisors review employees’ PDQs, send to Second Reviewer by Friday, Nov. 30th
December 7
Second Reviewer to send completed PDQs to HR by Friday, Dec.7th
December 14
HR to send completed PDQs to the consultant by Friday, Dec.14th

Classification & Compensation Presentation Video

Proposed Timeline