Military Leave


Active Duty Differential Application 

Differential Pay and Benefits:

  • Differential pay - The difference between your base hourly rate of pay plus longevity, and your military pay and allowances, if the military compensation is lower. The supplement will be reduced in any pay period by the amount of any County pay you receive in that pay period.
  • Benefit (Medical, Vision, Dental, and County-provided basic life insurance only) plan coverage is subject to the limits and restrictions of the plans. If you elect to continue your health insurance coverage while on active duty (for up to 24 month), YOU MUST CONTACT [email protected]. You will be required to pay any employee premium share for the health plan(s) you participate in.

To be eligible you must provide the Human Resources Department with copies of:

  • Your Official Orders.
  • Each month's statement of Military Pay and Allowances (as soon as feasible).
  • Complete and signed original of this application.