Pierce County Design Manual

The Manual on Design Guidelines and Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction in Pierce County is prepared under the direction of the County Engineer. An update of the entire manual was completed in 2010. Amendments to the Manual occur on an as needed basis. Changes to Title 17B of the Pierce County Code, "Construction and Infrastructure Standards - Road and Bridge Design," must be presented before and adopted by Council Ordinance.


All updates will be posted and maintained on this website. Hard copies of this manual will no longer be provided.

Entire Chapters
Cover, Foreword, Table of Contents (TOC)
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Design Control
Chapter 3 - Roadway Geometrics
Chapter 4 - Roadway Elements
Chapter 5 - Access and Intersections
Chapter 6 - Shared-Access Facilities and Alleys
Chapter 7 - Bridges and Walls
Chapter 8 - Traffic Control and Lighting
Chapter 9 - Specifications and Construction Control
Appendix A - Vehicular Access Gates
Appendix B - Glossary Terms
Appendix C - Miscellaneous Information
What's the status of our updates?

  • May 2022 - Ordinance 2022-7s; Chapters 2-8 and Appendix B. (Ordinance)
  • February 2019 - Ordinance 2018-102s; Chapters 1-6, 8, Appendix A, C and Title 17B. (Ordinance)
  • December 2018 - Ordinance 2018-68s; Chapters 4 & 6; Title 17B, 17C, 18A, 18E, 18F and 18J. (Ordinance)
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