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Please become a Court Appointed Advocate (Advocate). We are pleased to announce we have training opportunities coming soon!

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The first step is to contact the Pierce County Juvenile Court’s Child Advocate Program to set up an interview and court observation at:

5501 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98406

[email protected] |

Child Advocate Program Manager

Buffy Via [email protected] 253.798.7962

Child Advocate Program Supervisors

Tracey Czar [email protected] 253.625.6286

Amber Hasler [email protected] 253.798.7926

Ebony Morgan [email protected] 253.798.4819

Advocate Supervisors

Christal Davis [email protected] 253.798.7896

Nikki Ehler [email protected] 253.798.7359

Kris Freeman [email protected] 253.625.6351

Tara Heimuli [email protected] 253.732.1168

Lindsey Isaacson [email protected] 253.625.4044

Julio Serrano [email protected] 253.798.7928

John Zipoy [email protected] 253.798.7960

Guardians Ad Litem

Crystal Campbell [email protected] 253.985-0513

Michelle Delano [email protected] 253.625.6494

Janelle Dittus [email protected] 

Kelly Downey-Chamberlin [email protected] 253.625-3026

Rocio Chavez De Alvarado [email protected] 253.312.4822

Arthur Jones [email protected] 253.312.2358

Yolanda Joseph [email protected] 253.798.7946

Cresencia Ladbon [email protected] 253.677.0184

Kris Oliversen [email protected] 253.798.7932

Eric Pickett [email protected] 253.625.6420

Leea Reid [email protected] 253.798.7337

Kim Seevers [email protected] 253.798.7436

Vickie Strozier [email protected] 253.625.4027

Carrie Willey [email protected] 253.798.3837

Shelby Zamberlin [email protected] 253.625.6591

Katie Zimmermann [email protected] 253.370.7186

Child Advocate Program Attorney

 Morgan Chaput [email protected] 253.798.7338

Child Advocate Program Support

Mariah Holmquist [email protected] 253.798.7955

Jamie Johnson [email protected] 253.798.8100

Jennifer Joyce [email protected] 253.798.7956

Adrian Smith [email protected] 253.798.8101

FJCIP Court Coordinator

Sally Mednansky [email protected] 253.798.7952