Power of Attorney


Contact an attorney about your specific needs. A current listing of attorneys specializing in legal issues for older adults and their families is included in the yellow pages of the telephone directory - Attorneys-Elder Law. Always ask for references, proof of professional licensing and a clear understanding of charges.

Types of Power of Attorney

Type Special General
  Agent is authorized to handle limited transactions or limited property
Agent is authorized to handle all financial matters and property of the principal
Power is effective upon signing, but ends at time principal loses capacity
Useful for single transactions or specific property or business
Useful for management of a principal's property or business while principal is away on travel
Power is effective upon signing and continues even during incapacity of principal
Useful for managing specific property or business on a continuing basis even when principal loses capacity
Useful for overall management of the principal's affairs, especially in the event of incapacity
Power is not effective until the principal loses capacity
Useful for managing specific property or business beginning at the time the principal loses capacity
Useful for overall management of the principal's affairs, where the principal wants the agent's authority to commence only at the time of incapacity

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Washington Law Help is another invaluable tool offered through NJP. Washington Law Help is a guide to free civil legal services for low-income persons and seniors in Washington.

This site provides legal education materials and tools that give you basic information on a number of legal problems and, in some cases, detailed instructions and forms to help you represent yourself in court. You can also locate information on free legal aid programs in Washington, including basic eligibility and contact information.

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