Success Stories

Advocate Shaye knew the father on her case was an enrolled tribal member, but the State was not involving the tribe. Shaye called the tribe herself and connected the tribal representative with the social worker. The tribal representative even flew to Washington and approved the relative placement of the child and the permanent plan of adoption. This child is now enrolled in this tribe and is eligible for benefits associated with this tribe. Due to Shaye’s facilitation, this child will now know her Native American heritage. Great work, Shaye!

Advocate Linda is a brand-new volunteer but don’t let her rookie status fool you about her abilities. Linda has a case where the mother of the child is in prison. Linda, on her own, was able to go to the prison, watch a visit between mother and child, and talk to the visit supervisor and mother. Linda then emailed the social worker relaying some information that mother wanted to pass on. Linda has made a great beginning in her role as advocate, ensuring the child’s interests will be served.

Advocate Sabrina’s work elicited the following email from a social worker to the program supervisor: I just wanted you know that I am working with a new Advocate on a case, Sabrina. I wanted to let you know that she is GREAT! Sabrina has demonstrated a true desire to not only keep Jenny’s best interest her focus but has demonstrated an amazing ability to encourage Jenny’s mother as well. She has maintained constant communication with me and providers. She has also gone above and beyond by demonstrating a willingness to help me make phone calls, she has gone on the internet to locate housing, she has driven 50 miles each way multiple times to visit Jenny and mother as well as attending staffings at the treatment facility, also 50 miles away. When the mother graduated from treatment last week she was unable to fit all of her and the Jenny’s belongings into the car and the items remain stuck in Everett. Sabrina has offered to pick up the belongings, 50 miles away on a Friday! She is Awesome and I want her on all my cases :)

Advocate Cindy noticed that the 7-year-old girl, Amy, she represents had been looking more and more sad and unhappy over the past few months. She had been in a foster home separate from her two younger siblings for nearly eight months. Amy’s foster parents were moving out of state in a few weeks and the social worker’s plan was to find a new foster home for Amy. Advocate Cindy believed that Amy should go live with her younger siblings’ father (where they are living). Because he is not Amy’s father, the social worker was unwilling to place Amy there. Advocate Cindy set a motion to move Amy to her siblings’ father, and the judge agreed! Now Amy is with her siblings and is so much happier.

Advocate Sara was the Advocate for a teenage girl, Maria, for a year and a half. The reasons for the Dependency were the father’s alcohol use and ensuing altercations between him and his daughter. Initially the father was resistant to accepting any services, but over time he gradually became involved in treatment and Maria was returned home. At dismissal time both father and daughter were beaming and the father told the court that the Advocate had been a big factor in the success of the case because she encouraged him and communicated to him how much his daughter wanted to be home, and how proud Maria was to see his success in overcoming his addiction.

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