Clear Creek Habitat Restoration

What's Happening

Pierce County Pierce County has received a grant to perform restoration work within the Clear Creek drainage basin from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This grant is administered by the Commencement Bay Trustee Council consisting of local Indian Tribes and State and Federal regulatory agencies. The money has been dedicated to work that will improve ecological function in this area. Pierce County will be working with stakeholders and adjacent property owners to design projects that benefits farms, fish, and flood reduction. 

About the Project

This project proposes to improve access to salmon habitat and increase flood storage capacity by removing sections of an existing access road separating Clear Creek from an adjacent wetland owned by the Port of Tacoma. The road removal will result in approximately 5,000 cubic yards of floodplain excavation and greatly improve access to critical salmon rearing habitat.  The project is located near the mouth of Clear Creek.

This project is currently in preliminary design stage.  Construction is planned for the summer of 2022.


Pierce County will combine local money with the NOAA grant funding mentioned above to complete this project.


Clear Creek Flooding Project

Clear Creek Strategy Plan

Clear Creek Flood Gate Restoration

Map of Project Location

Clear Creek Project Location

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Project Manager
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