Fennel Creek - Phase 3

What's Happening

Pierce County is continuing its efforts to improve floodplain connectivity and fish habitat along Fennel Creek, upstream from where it joins the Puyallup River. Previous phases included property acquisition, a 40-plus acre floodplain restoration project, and a channel restoration project covering over 1,900 linear feet.

About the Project

On this project we are partnering with Forterra, a non-profit conservation organization, to acquire a piece of property from willing sellers. The site is adjacent to the first two project phases. Buildings and roads will be demolished. Previous fill-areas will be removed. Plantings and fish habitat features will be installed as the area is allowed to return to more natural condition. Property acquisition was completed by Forterra in 2020. Demolition will be completed in 2021 and 2022. Habitat improvements and project construction are planned for 2023.


Pierce County will seek grant funding to combine with Surface Water Management Funds for this project.

David Davis
Project Manager
(253) 798-6157
[email protected]

Fennel Creek Project Location