Carbon River Setback Levee Feasibility Study

About the Project

Pierce County Planning and Public Works completed the feasibility study in September 2021 to increase flood protection and improve fish habitat conditions on the Carbon River near Bridge Street and Voights Creek. The project team for the Carbon River Setback Levee Left Bank Upstream of Voights Creek to SR 162 Bridge Feasibility Study met with various stakeholders and the greater community.

This study evaluated four alternatives for setting back existing left-bank flood control levees on the Carbon River near Orting, Washington. A goal was to reach a common understanding of the perceived problems, values and opportunities of the community and area of the study. This information helped guide the selection of a preferred alternative.

Throughout this study, Pierce County is committed to working with the community and nearby property owners. 

Benefits & Potential Impacts 


  • Improved flood protection
  • Reduced levee damages and repair costs
  • Reduced flooding impacts
  • Improved fish habitat and water quality

Potential Impacts

  • Infrastructure
  • City of Orting stormwater pond
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Existing levee
  • Residential development
  • Foothills Trail
  • Agriculture property


Randy Brake
Project Manager
(253) 798-4651

[email protected]


Learn more about the four alternatives and existing conditions.

Project Location and Funding
Carbon River Study Map_v2


The project is located between Carbon River Mile (RM) 3.0 to 4.4 (blue shaded region) in an area used by several fish species listed as threatened in the state of Washington. The yellow shaded region represents future potential study area.


Pierce County is funding this study through a grant obtained from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB), Project No. 16-1545P. 

Funding and schedule for project permitting, design and construction have not yet been identified.

Moving Forward

Community input on the four alternatives is vital to help shape the future of the Carbon River Levee Setback Project planning efforts. A series of open houses, mail notices, surveys and interviews were held and made available to the community, stakeholders and to those directly impacted by this project. This allowed for the community to review, comment, and give input on the alternatives. Comments and input that were received are provided and summarized in the feasibility report document.

Update Oct. 1, 2021: The final report that addresses information and results of the feasibility study are now available for you to view. 

The feasibility study develops and evaluates four conceptual alternatives for setting back the existing left bank levee facility on the Carbon River.  It also identifies and recommends a preferred alternative. The preferred alternative will be further considered during potential future project phases that include continued land owner and community outreach and coordination.  Depending on results from further land owner and community outreach comments and coordination, the project may enter future phases that addresses, preliminary design, permitting and construction issues. Funding and schedule for potential future phases have not been identified.

Carbon River Left Bank Levee Setback Feasibility Study