North Lake Tapps Park

Project Update

Installation of new boat ramp.

Boat Ramp and Bulkhead

North Lake Tapps to partially reopen May 2, 2020.

Construction at North Lake Tapps Park is nearing completion! The work is scheduled to be substantially complete on 5/1/2020. On 5/2/2020, the park will open for walkers and for use of the new boat ramp. Lawn areas affected by construction will not open for approximately two additional months while the lawn seed germinates. Lawn areas that remain closed will be enclosed by construction fencing. Please check this website or sign up for email updates for additional information.

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About the Project

A comprehensive public process in 2016-2017 helped to define goals for the improvement of North Lake Tapps Park, a 135-acre park with healthy forests, views of Mt. Rainier, waterfront access and shoreline amenities. This process resulted in a Master Plan for the site which was adopted by the Parks Board in 2017. Goals for the improvements included diversifying activities in the park and improving shoreline access and parking. Projects in this first phase of construction, going on now include:

  • Construction of a pocket beach with a rocky shoreline which will provide aquatic habitat and allow water access for beach goers
  • Removing blackberry patches and replacing with native plantings, making room for a new trail which ends in a Mt. Rainier viewpoint
  • Improving a fishing pier with guide piles to protect it during bad weather
  • Extending boat ramps to help the Sheriff conduct low-water rescues
  • Replacing a restroom
  • Improving the bulkhead to reduce erosion

Construction of bulkhead and restroom improvements began in 2019. Design of future phases, which include improved waterfront walkways and vehicle circulation as well as new play and picnic areas will begin in 2021, with construction anticipated to begin in 2024 or 2025.

North Lake Tapps Park 2017 Master Plan:

Project Contact

For questions regarding this project, please contact:

Benjamin Barrett
Capital Projects Manager
253-798-4081 | email