ADA Improvement Program

Crosswalk at 176th St E
ADA Improvement Program
We are building an ADA Improvement Program to implement the ADA Transition Plan. The plan involves retrofitting and replacing existing facilities that are out of compliance with new accessible facilities. The ADA Improvement Program is in the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program as County Road Project 5850.

The county budgets $1,135,000 annually for ADA improvement projects. This amount is subject to change based on future revenues, leadership priorities, Council approval, and other factors. About $100,000 will be set aside for citizen requests in case of an immediate need. This program will not include the expansion of the sidewalk network.

Projects in this program will be prioritized by the scoring system. When choosing projects, we will also consider:
  • Public requests
  • Estimated cost and available funding
  • Nearby projects
  • Safety
  • Grant opportunities
  • Construction timing
  • Connection and expected benefit to defined centers and corridors
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Utility conflicts and coordination
  • Geographic equity
Report an access issuearrow
You can report an access issue about these facilities within the right-of-way in unincorporated Pierce County:
  • sidewalks
  • curb ramps
  • driveway
  • pedestrian push buttons
example of a curb ramp without a level landing
Under Design
The 2022 ADA Improvement Program will improve access at these locations:
  • 159th Street East / 160th Street East (300' E/O B Street East to 7th Avenue Court East)
  • 82nd Avenue East / 224th Street East
The 2023 ADA Improvement Program will improve access and sidewalk connectivity at these locations:
  • 136th Street East (99th Avenue Court East to 103rd Avenue East)
  • Tule Lake Road South (Spanaway Loop Road South to Ainsworth Avenue South)
  • 122nd Avenue East (300' N/O 172nd Street Court East to 168th Street East)
  • 168th Street East (119th Avenue Court East to 122nd Avenue East)
  • 78th Avenue East (196th Street East to 192nd Street East)
  • 196th Street East (76th Avenue Court East to 78th Avenue East)
  • 132nd Street East (SR 161 to 107th Avenue Court East)
2021 Construction
The 2021 ADA Improvement Program will improve access and sidewalk connectivity at these locations:
  • Ainsworth Avenue South at 110th Street South
  • 168th Street East (Gem Heights Drive East to 171st Street Court East)
2020 Construction
Gem Heights Drive East between 176th Street East and 168th Street East
A project to improve access and sidewalk connectivity was completed. The work included rebuilding non-compliant curb ramps and sidewalks, and adding new curb ramps where missing. This project was funded by a Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Complete Streets Grant and County Road Funds.

2019 Construction
177th Street East and 180th Street East west of 38th Avenue East
The project involved removing and rebuilding non-compliant curb ramps to improve access. This project was funded with County Road Funds.

2018 Construction
C Street South
In 2018, new curb ramps and sidewalks were installed on C Street South. The project improved access to transit and sidewalk connectivity. It was funded by a TIB Complete Streets Grant and County Road Funds.