District Court Multiple Projects: 925 Building and CCB 6th Floor Probation and CCB 5th Floor Courtrooms


Three projects are underway on the 5th & 6th floors of the County-City Building (CCB) and the first floor of the 925 Building. These projects will provide tenant improvements, additional space for staff as well as increased business function for District Court. 

Project Status

All projects are scheduled for completion in early March 2020; this puts the CCB 6th Floor Probation Offices and the 925 Building behind schedule due to unforeseen conditions requiring additional abatement and demolition. On the CCB 6th Floor, re-routing existing IT Network and Court Recording Network connections have also added days to this project's duration.

Generally, the projects are moving forward swiftly and efficiently with minimum disruptions. We have received occasional noise complaints that have been quickly resolved. The project is expected to be ready for covering of wall framing by the Thanksgiving Holiday, this means drywall installation and preparing for finishing work.

*Preliminary Construction Schedule

Interior Framing & Rough-In of Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing

  • CCB 6th Floor – 10/14/2019 to 12/6/2019
  • CCB 5th Floor – 9/30/2019 to 12/23/2019
  • 925 Building – 11/6/2019 to 12/17/2019 

Finishes, Doors, Hardware, Trim & Misc. Specialties

  • CCB 6th Floor – 12/9/2019 to 1/16/2020
  • CCB 5th Floor – 12/24/2019 to 2/28/2020
  • 925 Building – 12/18/2019 to 1/15/2020 

Final Inspections, Furniture, & Occupancy 

  • CCB 6th Floor – 1/17/2020 to 2/15/2020
  • CCB 5th Floor – 3/2/2020 to 4/3/2020
  • 925 Building – 1/16/2020 to 2/21/2020 

*The Draft Schedule will be finalized soon and updated regularly during the project.

  1. 925 Building
  2. CCB 5th Floor
  3. CCB 6th Floor

Approximately 5,700 square feet of the main floor of the 925 Building will be remodeled, creating space for Pierce County District Court Resource Center, Just Threads Clothing Bank, and probation services alternative programs with full-service customer service windows. This remodel also includes office space for outside agency representatives, classrooms for work crew and day reporting; and offices for necessary probation staff.

Floor Plans & Finish Materials

925 Building Plan (pdf)

CCB 5th Floor Plan (pdf)

CCB 6th Floor Plan (pdf)

Materials Board (pdf)

Project Documents & Reports

  1. 925 Building Photos
  2. CCB 5th Floor Photos
  3. CCB 6th Floor Photos

More Information

For more information on these projects, please email Construction Project Manager, Ken Hays.

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