Pierce County Unauthorized Encampment Response Program

For more information or to report an encampment, select an option below:

* In the event of an emergency related to an unauthorized encampment, please call 911.

Unauthorized Encampment Locations

View a map that shows locations of encampments on county-owned property and on private property reported through Code Enforcement.

Unauthorized Encampment Policy on Pierce County Owned Property

Pierce County owns and operates various properties, including river levees, ponds, road shoulders, parks, and facilities. An unauthorized encampment is an unpermitted site that has one or more structures (such as tents or lean-tos) used for habitation located on Pierce County property.

Pierce County has a policy that addresses the enforcement, removal and storage relating to unauthorized encampments on Pierce County owned property.

Removing unauthorized encampments process

Pierce County will remove unauthorized encampments in accordance with the policy.

Step 1
Initial visit to document.
Step 2
Removal date scheduled.
Step 3
Notice to vacate posted.
Step 4
Encampment removed by contractor.
Step 5*
Personal property storage.
Step 6
Site maintenance if needed.

* Personal belongings found during private property abatements will be handled in accordance with the warrant.

Storage of Personal Property

Pierce County will collect and store personal belongings removed from County-owned property for 30 calendar days if it can be identified and segregated.

Personal property that is hazardous or is reasonably expected to become a hazard during storage will not be stored. Hazardous waste, garbage, debris, waste and other like material will be disposed of by the county's contractor.

Stored personal property is noted in the unauthorized encampments map by clicking on the location of the unauthorized encampment. Individuals that had personal property at a site should call the number in the map location to schedule a time and location to pick up their personal property.

Pierce County will dispose of any unclaimed personal property after 30 days.

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