28th Avenue East Pump Station

What's Happening

May 8, 2021
The project will be briefly suspended on May 8, 2021, to allow work within the public right-of-way to be completed for two private developments (Sierra Vista in 38th Ave E and Prairie Oaks north of 182nd St E near 30th Ave E) prior to repaving the roadway. This suspension comes at no additional cost to Pierce County and is an example of Pierce County's commitment to working with private development to achieve mutual goals. Pierce County's contractor estimates another two weeks of work remains once the suspension is lifted.

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About the project

Sewer service will be extended to a 370-acre area. A new pump station will be installed at the intersection of 182nd Street East and 28th Avenue East. The pump station will move flows up and out of the basin and into the nearby gravity sewer system. Approximately 2,750 feet of force main will be installed in the public right-of-way west of the pump station.  Approximately 3,800 feet of gravity sewer will be installed east of the pump station along 182nd Street East and 38th Avenue East ending at 180th Street East.

This project supports the Pierce County Centers and Corridors initiative promoting compact communities built around major roadways. The project supports development along the 176th Street East corridor. This project will run simultaneously with the Military Road Interceptor project.


  • Advertisement: Early 2020
  • Construction Start: June 2020
  • Duration: 9 - 12 months

How will this project affect you?

Homeowners: Connection requirements depend on the type of lot. There are two types of lots in the area of this work

  1. On-site septic system – Homes using approved on-site septic system until new development is proposed on the property; the existing septic system fails; or the owner chooses to connect.
  2. Vacant lots – Undeveloped lots will connect to the sewer system when developed.

For more information, please see Pierce County Code sections 13.04.030.B.2 and 18J.15.160.


  • Project #: P-110610
  • Estimated Total Project Cost: $7.25 million
  • Funding Source: New customer sewer connection fees
  • Construction Contractor: Tucci & Sons Inc.

Traffic impacts: Intermittent road closures will be necessary to complete the work. The contractor will always be required to maintain local and emergency vehicle access.

Privately owned property in County right-of-way: It is anticipated that the contractor will need to make use of the county right-of-way to install the sewer line. Property owners may need to remove privately owned items within the right-of-way that they wish to salvage prior to construction.

Average daily traffic in area

  • 14,100 cars per day on 22nd Ave East
  • 7,625 cars per day on 38th Ave East
  • 525 cars per day on 182nd St East

Project contacts

Jeff Roscoe P.E
Construction Engineering Supervisor 
(253) 798-2119 
[email protected]