Kelly Quiroz - Land Resource Intern 


What do you do as a Land Resource Intern? 

“I worked on a few projects during my internship. The first one was creating a native plant guide, so that people who are interested in putting native plants in their garden know how to do so. The guide is includes individual steps and guidelines, such as how to remove invasive species and what native species to put in your garden depending on location. The goal is to make it more accessible for the public to know how they can better incorporate native plants to their environment. I also was assigned to learn the history of indigenous populations in Cross Park and the Naches Trail Preserve. My research is used to provide reference and information for park programming. Our department would like to have a more accurate understanding of the rich history and cultural roots of this land."

Why Intern for Pierce County? 

“This internship made me more motivated to contribute to the community. It was a valuable and eye-opening experience to have interactions directly with the public and the people who are working to make Pierce County better. I also liked the fact that Pierce County encompasses a wide range of ethnicities and people with different backgrounds. I think that being able to see how the county supports growth and represents diversity was interesting to see.”

Advice for future interns? 

“Come in with an open mind. Come in knowing that there’s going to be things that you’ve never done before. Be okay with being uncomfortable with certain situations and know that you don’t always have to know the right answer. That’s what your mentors are there to help you with and what this internship is for.”

Fun fact about yourself: 

“I have been a vegan for 3 years.”