Danielle Rodriguez - Finance Intern


What do you do as an Finance Intern? 

"As an intern with the Finance Department, I get a hands-on experience in all areas of the department. The most appealing aspect of this internship is that I can focus on areas of finance that I am most passionate about while serving the community I live in. Currently, I am working on a review of affordable housing in the County, specifically looking at certain funding sources and how it’s being used. This is an extremely important topic because a large percentage of people who live in Pierce County struggle to pay their rent. In addition to my project, I have gotten the chance to work with the purchasing division and sit down with the Investment Officer. Overall, there has been so much opportunity to learn and grow."

Why Intern for Pierce County? 

“I think something that stands out the most is that it’s a government entity. Interning for the government gives me a very different view on everything. I didn’t understand the scope and reach that Pierce County had before this internship. The opportunity to work for the government has allowed me to see things in a different light and be more in tune with the community. I feel like I’m working to better our community and make a positive impact.” 

Advice for future interns? 

“Don’t be afraid to express your interests, because there are so many opportunities in the county. Even if you’re in a single department, they have reach with other departments. You can cater your interests to the county needs with this internship."

Fun fact about yourself:

“My eyes are different colors. One eye is a light brown and one is purely black.”