Emma Pearson


What do you do as a Human Resources Intern? 

“As a Human Resources Intern, I worked directly under the Training and Organizational Development Manager. I primarily worked with updating and creating courses and materials, which involves research and practical application. Our team wants to figure out what we should put in our courses and how to make them better. I got to participate in meetings with other HR employees, such as Recruitment, Training and Development and Labor Relations, so that I got a well-rounded view of everything that the Human Resource Department does. I was also actively involved in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative and really enjoyed getting to collaborate and work with employees from other departments. My position also involved going to career fairs and making connections with the community to inform them about careers with Pierce County. Towards the end of my internship I started working to work with Labor Relations and learned about investigations and union negotiations. I took notes during their investigations and union negotiations to ensure we have proper documentation of what is said during those meetings. I also extended my time with Pierce County and the Labor Relations team after my internship to assist with the 17 open bargaining union contracts."

Why intern for Pierce County? 

“I applied for this internship so that I can gain knowledge within the Human Resources field. I really enjoyed the internship as the Human Resource department is fairly small, which allowed me to gain meaningful connections and mentors. I was able to work and learn under all of the HR teams and was able to have informational interviews with many County employees to learn more about their position and career. I really appreciated that the work I did while with Pierce County made an impact and prepared me for my future career.”

Advice for future interns? 

“Don’t be afraid to voice what you want out of the internship. Everyone that I’ve encountered has been very accommodating and willing to work with me. My supervisor was willing to reach out to other departments so that I can shadow or get additional training from them. This gives you an opportunity to learn all about Pierce County and what they offer.”

Fun fact about yourself: 

“Last summer I studied International Business in Greece. It was a really great experience, we lived in a hotel, experienced how they ran their business, and formed relationships and connections with people from all around Europe.”