Section K - Temporary Traffic Control

PC.K1.1 Intersection Pedestrian Traffic Control, Sheet 1 of 2
PC.K1.2 Intersection Pedestrian Traffic Control, Sheet 2 of 2
PC.K1.3 Temporary Pedestrian Ramp with Edge Board
PC.K2.1 Pilot Car Operation
PC.K3.1 Shoulder Closure
PC.K3.2 Single-Lane Closure with Shift, Multi-Lane Roadway
PC.K3.3 Double-Lane Closure, Multi-Lane Roadway
PC.K3.4 Right Lane Closure with Shift, Five-Lane Roadway
PC.K3.5 Left Lane and Two-Way Left-Turn Lane Closure, Five-Lane Roadway
PC.K3.6 Left Shift, Three-Lane Roadway
PC.K4.1 One Lane, Two-Way Traffic Control with Flaggers
PC.K4.2 Intersection Lane Closure, Two-Lane Roadway
PC.K4.3 Intersection Lane Closure, Three-Lane Roadway
PC.K4.4 Intersection Lane Closure, Five-Lane Roadway
PC.K4.5 Intersection Lane Closure, Five-Lane Roadway Three-Lane Cross Road
PC.K5    Typical Roundabout Flagging Operation
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