Filling out FL All Family 101, Proof of Personal Service

Things for the server to remember when filling out this form (FL All Family 101):

  • At #1: Insert the name of the server.
  • At #2: Include the name of the person who was served. 
    • In some cases, the server might provide a physical description of the person served.
  • At #2: Check whether the documents were given directly to the other party or to someone who lives at the same address.
  • At #3: Insert the date, time, and address where service happened.
  • At #4: List EVERY document served by checking off all documents served AND using the “Other” section(s) to add the names of any documents served that are not listed. 
  • At #5: If using a professional server, they need to complete this section regarding their fees
  • At #6: The server may include any other information the court should have about service.
  • At the bottom of the form, remember that the server, NOT the petitioner or respondent, must sign the form.
  • The server’s signature must be notarized if service happened outside of Washington State.