2019 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Update

In order to prepare and plan for emergencies which might strike the County, it is necessary to understand hazards that potentially could impact it, what their history of activity is in Pierce County, and how vulnerable the citizens of the county are to those hazards. The Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) serves as a basis for the development of plans, public education programs, responder training, and exercises. The Pierce County HIRA is not a detailed study of the hazards and their impacts, but rather it describes those hazards felt to be the greatest potential threat to people, the environment, personal and public property, and the economy.

Pierce County Emergency Management is looking for input on the recently updated 2019 HIRA, included below. This will be available online until close of business Friday, November 1. Below we have provided a reviewers guide for when you review the hazard chapters. Please be sure to read the introduction and profile sections to give you context. We have added a lot of new information that we hope you find helpful.

We have provided several options for you to provide input. Below are the documents in Word. If you give your input there, please use track changes or click the "Take the Community Survey" button below to access the survey.

If you have any questions please call (253) 798-6595.


2019 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment