Leadership Certification

Pierce County hires, develops and engages talented employees. The Organizational Development and Training (ODT) Division is building the capacity of the County by developing its employees. 

A top priority is preparing current and future leaders to develop individuals, groups and the organization for future service. 

Pierce County's three-tiered Leadership Certification Program launched Jan. 1, 2020, and can be achieved in accordance with the info below. 

Bronze Siver Gold Pyramid

Bronze Level Certification

All supervisors hired or promoted into supervision after January 1, 2020, are required to complete Bronze Level Certification. Bronze Level Certification will replace previous required Supervisor/Manager training. Employees who have previously completed courses listed below will be exempt from retaking them. Silver and Gold Level Certification is not required but is highly encouraged. 

Lead employees and those aspiring to be supervisors also have the opportunity for certification through the courses below, including the Silver and Gold Levels.

*If you took Virtual Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (Year Taken), then you have met the requirement for Emotional Intelligence training.

Silver Level Certification

Required courses:

On the application for Silver, you will be asked to participate in the Pierce County Mentorship Program as a mentor. You won't see this option until you complete all coursework and apply for certification. Once you receive your certification, you will be listed on the Meet Our Mentors page where employees can request you as a mentor via the Employee Engagement Form. Because employees choose their mentors, you may not have a mentee immediately.

Another field on the application will ask you to put the name of a leader within Pierce County that you would like to meet or get to know better. As a Silver Leader, you have the opportunity to job shadow that leader. You can select the leader of your choice, from any department within the county. It can even be a high-level leader from another department. ODT will reach out to the leader on your behalf. The job shadowing itself will be a one-time event done either in-person or virtually. The agenda and duration of which will be up to you and your chosen leader. Some meet for coffee and get-to-know-you conversation, or attend a meeting ran by their chosen leader, while others get a tour of the agency and an explanation of what it does. The ideas are endless!

Leadership Certification Checklist

Use this checklist to track your progress!

How to Certify

 Bronze:  Review your Learning Transcript in Workday Learning and ensure that you attended or completed all required courses. Submit the Certification Request Form. Once your application has been processed, ODT will contact you.

 Silver or Gold: Select the appropriate link on the Certification Request Form and HR ODT will release the form to you for completion.


 How do I get my certificate? The Executive will issue certificates monthly and the certificate will be uploaded in Workday and will be available in your training history. 

When was this requirement instated? The Leadership Certification program was launched January 2020 with an Executive Memo from Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier.

Contact: [email protected]