Standing Ovation Awards

These awards recognize Pierce County employees who demonstrate the values or performance attributes that are essential to the success of our organization and strengthen our connection to our community, such as Diversity, Integrity, Partnership, Teamwork, Respect, Innovation, Accountability and Public Service.The results achieved by nominated employees must also align with the County’s vision, mission, and values with a direct tie to the County’s strategic objectives. Award recipients are honored at the employee recognition banquet and by the Pierce County Council.

2022 Standing Ovation Award Winners

Vibrant Communities

Transportation takes off for veterans in Orting

Did you know there is a tiny home village for homeless veterans in Orting? When the County heard that veterans were having trouble finding transportation to doctor appointments and grocery shopping, a new transportation program emerged that’s surpassing expectations.
Pierce County social workers keep home visits going

Social workers are known for their compassion for people. See how Pierce County relies on this dedicated staff to serve our disabled and elderly low-income population. And the work the team did to keep this in-person service going during COVID.

Entrepreneurial Climate 

Pierce County Business Accelerator Program

Pierce County is helping small business owners, considering they make up 85% of the local business community! The Business Accelerator program is offers training and financial assistance to new and established businesses alike.

Effective Government 

Pierce County deputy brings agencies together

There’s a Sheriff’s deputy who is improving communication between police agencies in the region. Meet Deputy Nathan Betts.
Meet the champion of rescued animals

Attorney Josh Drye is looking out for rescued animals and giving Pierce County animal control officers the tools they need.
Pierce County gets a new sewer billing system

Good news - paying your sewer bill in Pierce County just got easier, now with more ways to pay. Plus, there’s new options to help rental owners and customers at tax time.