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Regional Development 

The Puget Sound area sets the pace for much of the U.S. and even the world. With companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and PACCAR, we’ve shown the world how to innovate and take charge in the global economy.

Supporting an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive takes many people working toward the same goal. Listed here are some of the regional efforts keeping Washington and the Puget Sound region at the front of the pack.

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance
The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance is a non-profit organization promoting growth and success of the aerospace industry in the Northwest region of the United States.

PNAA promotes the growth of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Industry by assisting members to be globally competitive by providing education, access to business opportunities, information on emerging markets and facilitating development of key relationships.

Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition
The Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) is a member-funded industry association dedicated to improving the defense industry climate across the Pacific Northwest. Through educational programs, business-to-business networking, and outreach to government decision makers, PNDC works to ensure its members’ future success.

Urban Waters
The Center for Urban Waters is a 51,000 square-foot office and laboratory building housing City of Tacoma Environmental Services labs and offices, University of Washington Tacoma researchers and the Puget Sound Partnership. This collaboration brings together environmental scientists, analysts, engineers and policymakers to develop and apply the best possible science to restoring and protecting Puget Sound.

More important than the building is the partnerships created by the Urban Clean Water Technology Innovation Zone program, which combines the expertise and facilities of the Center for Urban Waters with researchers and engineers from Washington State University, University of Washington Tacoma, and private companies. Together they are accelerating development of globally-competitive research-based urban clean-water technologies and creating capital investment opportunities that build profits and protect the environment.

Global Health Nexus, Seattle
Global Health Nexus, Seattle is an initiative of the Washington Global Health Alliance, in partnership with Prosperity Partnership and the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association. This non-profit organization is dedicated to branding our region internationally as the nexus for global health discovery, development and delivery.