Utilizing DocuSign

Pierce County utilizes the electronic signature platform of DocuSign to collect the signatures on agreements which it initiates. DocuSign is a secure environment, and provides a seamless transmission of the agreement electronically, ensuring that documents are received quickly and will not be delayed or lost in the mail.

Departments/Divisions using DocuSign

DepartmentContactPhone Number
Assessor-Treasurer's OfficeTami Johnson
(253) 798-7123
Auditor's OfficeCindy Hartman(253) 798-3217
Department of Assigned CounselAmber Iwerks
(253) 798-7858
Economic DevelopmentValerie Coty
(253) 798-7382
Family Justice CenterCasandra Freitas
(253) 798-4310
Human ResourcesKandace Thomas
(253) 798-7469
Human Services - Developmental Disabilities DivisionMalissa Adame
(253) 798-4332
Human Services - Veterans DivisionSean Dennerlein
(253) 798-7243
Juvenile CourtMelissa Andersen
(253) 798-7902
Planning & Public Works - Right of Way Division Anna Rosenkranz  (253) 798-7023
Planning & Public Works - Road Operations DivisionBrett Sonntag(253) 798-6297
Planning & Public Works - Business & Finance Operations DivisionTina Basil
(253) 798-2426
Planning & Public Works - Sewer (Engineering) Division Seth Fisher
(253) 798-4113
Planning & Public Works - Surface Water Management DivisionTyra Patterson
(253) 798-4209

Instructions for Using DocuSign

Here is what you can expect from this experience. A representative of the agency will receive an email signifying that an agreement is ready to be signed. The recipient may or may not be the actual signer of the agreement. In addition, your agency may require that your signature is done on paper. DocuSign allows for certain variations to accommodate these differences.

  1. If the email recipient is not the signer – Recipients may change the signer by clicking "Review Document," clicking on "Other Actions," selecting "Assign to Someone Else," and entering the appropriate person’s email address. The document will automatically be transferred to the new signer for signature. In addition, the sender is notified that a change in signers was made, and the initial recipient will receive a fully signed copy of the agreement once signatures are completed.

  2. If your agency prefers to sign on paper – Recipients may opt to physically sign the agreement by clicking "Review Document," clicking on "Other Actions," and selecting "Print & Sign on Paper." After printing and signing, the recipient will then scan and upload the signed agreement back into DocuSign to enable transmission of the document back to Pierce County and allow us to electronically sign the agreement online. (If presented with a fax option, do NOT select that option; only select the option to sign online.)

Additional tools for recipients – After opening the document in DocuSign, recipients may download and save the agreement to their computer by selecting the disk icon at the top of the document and following directions to save the agreement. Next to the disk icon is the printer icon, which allows recipients to print a hard copy of the agreement. The save and print options are also available once the recipient is notified that the agreement is fully signed.

If Pierce County requires an updated certificate of insurance or other attachment, recipients will need to submit the items via email to the contract specialist who sent the agreement. Do not hesitate to reach out to one of these individuals with any questions about electronic signatures.

Having Trouble with DocuSign?

Please contact:

Jason Buckingham

IT Program Manager
(253) 798-8538