Milwaukee Avenue East / Valley Avenue East (CRP 5890 & CRP 5925)

What's Happening

Engineering: We're beginning the design engineering for the project. Currently we're gathering information about the existing site conditions and initiating contact with utility companies.

Land: Additional right-of-way needs will be assessed.

Survey: County surveyors will be in the area gathering field data of the project area.

Image of the project vicinity map.
Image of the intersection project.

About the Projects

Planned improvements to the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue East and Valley Avenue East (CRP 5890) are intended to improve safety and relieve traffic congestion. The improvements would include the following:

  • Reconstructing the existing traffic signal system and intersection street lighting.
  • Constructing left-turn lanes on all four legs of the intersection plus an eastbound right-turn lane on the west leg.
  • Constructing cement concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk throughout the project limits.
  • Reconstructing the storm drainage system.

CRP 5925 will determine right-of-way needs to provide additional long range turn-lane storage capacity beyond what is needed for CRP 5890.

Image of the project right-of-way plans cover sheet.
Image of the project right-of-way plans cover sheet.

Project Timeline

December 2019 to 2021: Field data collection, preliminary engineering, environmental review, preliminary plans, estimate, final right-of-way plans.

January 2022: Project placed on hold due to funding constraints and changes in project priorities.

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