Additional Information for Individuals Confined by Court Order (i.e. Incarcerated)

Requesting Service by Mail or Publication when filing initial pleadings:

If you have not filed your case yet, you can include the completed Motion, Order, and Summons Served by Mail or Publication with the initial pleadings you mail to the Clerk’s Office. 

Requesting Service by Mail or Publication after the case has been filed:
If you are confined by court order, (e.x. incarcerated), and did not get an order allowing service by mail or publication when you filed your case, you will need to schedule a hearing for a judge to review your motion. 

  • Complete the Pierce County form, Note for Judges Motion Docket.
        • Include the name of the Judge that is on the Order Assigning Case to Judicial Department.
        • Pick a Friday and write that date on the form.  Motions in front of judges are currently on Friday.
  • Mail the completed Note for Judges Motion Docket with the Motion, Order and Summons Served by Mail or Publication to the Clerk’s Office.

After Service by Mail has been granted:
If your motion is granted and you receive the order allowing service by mail,

  • Serve the other party and provide proof of mailing to the court.
        • You cannot mail the forms to the other party. Nor can your dependent children. 
        • The mailer must be age 18 or older.
        • A friend or relative may do the mailing or you can hire the Sheriff or a professional for a fee.
        • An internet search using the search term “process server” may help you find a process server or a website such as the National Association of Professional Process Servers 
  • If you are incarcerated, review General Rule 3.1 (GR 3.1) and determine if it applies.You may need to also complete a GR 3.1 declaration. 
If GR 3.1 applies,
        • Complete and sign a declaration, like the example in GR 3.1. To create a GR 3.1 Declaration, you can use FL All Family 135, Declaration of (name)
        • File the completed declaration with the Proof of Service by Mail form and post office receipt with the Clerk's Office.